Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is a Fashion Haul?

Hello everyone! On Wednesday's is going to be some kind of fashion haul. Whether it maybe a vblog of myself showing you what I have bought or my opinion on what I have used ie: make up, nail polish, hair products. The things I will show is all bought with my own money. If there is something later on that a store has wanted me to review, I will tell you and I will always give you my 100% opinion.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Introduction to: Your Weekly Dose of Cooking

Hey Everyone! I am going to talk about the excitement of cooking on Mondays. I know everyone who is reading this is usually busy in their day to day routine and are like "I just don't have that much time to cook hours up on hours". Well my meals are usually 30 minutes or less. I, myself have a full time job. Since I just graduated from college I am taking a year off from school to just enjoy life. But when I start up again next year, I will be having a full time job plus be a full time student with a huge work load. So I totally understand being pressured for time. So this portion of my blog will have fun and creative recipes that you can be able to make in advance and freeze or just be able to cook it and go. I usually try to make something new once a week. Also try to make every day recipes have more pizzazz. So here is a piece of advice that I tell myself when I cook; to have fun in the kitchen is to make it fun. Whether it is me turning on some music, having the kids help me, or just putting on a movie while I cook; I make it fun for me, no one else. So roll up sleeves and dig in to cooking.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Amateur Blog Spot

Hey Everyone! My name is Lindsae and I am really into fashion, arts and crafts, cooking, and reading. I am always getting compliments on my style (sometimes it is "in" and sometimes it is something I threw together). I am always trying out some new idea. I am always doing so kind of art and crafts project, whether it may be scrap-booking, knitting (which is my new all time hobby) or cross stitching. I definitely love to cook. I am always trying out new dishes or trying to put a new spin on just regular every day recipes. Some times they come out great and others I wish would have turned out for the better and didn't.  And then when I am not doing any of those I am reading. I love reading young adult books, romance, mystery, crime fighting, autobiographies, and of course magazines. I am in no way calling myself a fashion guru, or someone who "knows" what they are doing when it comes to fashion, arts and crafts, and reading reviews. But I can say I will give you my honest opinion on everything. Sometimes there will be pictures or even a vblog. I hope that my blog will help those that are on a budget and loves fashion, arts and crafts, and reading as much as I do will like it and enjoy the reviews.