Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Diva Has Spoken

Good morning Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July last night. Trevor and I stayed in last night... We had a wonderful BBQ. Trevor BBQ steaks and I made garlic mash potatoes and sweet tea. It was a delicious meal. We then watched a couple of movies and played some video games. 

So since I had sometime off from blogging and the next three weeks I have read several books and book series. My sister and I just finished the second book of the Goddess series. (make sure to keep a look out for that review). 

I just finished reading.... 

The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot
                                                                 1. Shadowland
                                                                 2. Ninth Key
                                                                 3. Reunion
                                                                 4. Darkest Hour 
                                                                 5. Haunted
                                                                 6. Twilight

Paranormal activities, spirits with unfinished business and ghost whisperers- these concepts fascinate almost everyone.

This series has it all. Ghosts (and some of them are evil too), a mediator with ghost busting moves  who helps spirits cross over to the other side, exorcisms and time travel. Add some teenage drama and a supernatural romance and it's the recipe of a perfect Meg Cabot book.

It's the story of Suze Simon, a mediator who helps ghosts move on by taking care of their unfinished business, fighting with those who are reluctant to cross over. She moves to California to with her new step dad and three step brothers in an ancient house which just happens to have  the ghost of a 150 year old Spanish hottie, Jesse, who was murdered on his way to his wedding with a rich maiden. It doesn't help that Suze falls in love with him. Over the 6 book series Suze deals with ghosts of dead classmates, a 150 year old skeleton in the backyard, the evil spirit of Jesse's fiancee and another mediator who shows her way to travel into the world of the dead and back and forth into time. Suze faces the dilemma of whether to help Jesse cross over into the next phase and lose her love or keep him in the living world and stay in love with a ghost. What eventually happens? I won't reveal that.

Meg Cabot weaves a Scherzade style web of the series finishing each book at the point which will leave you craving for the next. The writing is in the first person and Suze's thoughts are something that teenage girls could relate with, well, except the part where she talks about ghosts or falls in love with one. Cabot also does a great job of establishing how the ghosts work. They've all got something that's holding them back from going to heaven, or hell, or where ever you think people go after they die. These books have a good balance of paranormal, adventure, and romance. It's well balanced, and well planned out. 

I give this series 5 ★★★★★. I totally recommend this series. ~ The Diva has Spoken

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