Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey Everyone! Happy Hump Day! Today I am going to talk about several different styles. I have been getting into the fashion mood because in November I am going to do some serious shopping... I have been slowly giving my clothes to my niece. Now her closet is full clothes and mine has depleted. I am so excited to do the major shopping with my sister. I will be going to Nevada for 2 and half weeks. It will be filled with sister time, shopping, pampering, and more. So for now I am looking on the internet,  in fashion books, and magazines for fashion inspiration. 

The book that I have looked through and loved:

 Seventeen presents.... 500 Style Tips (What to Wear for School, Weekends, Parties, and more!)
This book is great for women of all ages. But is very helpful for teenagers. 

Some of the style tips I like:
#11 Super Skinny Jeans, looks great under longer tops so you show off your shape without revealing to much
#8 a menswear vest, gets a softer look with a fitted top and a jeweled pendant
#31 A bold-colored trench, is the perfect pop of color for a gray, rainy day
#214 A t-shirt and jeans can still make a statement if the tee is oversized and printed

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