Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Diva Has Spoken

OMG EVERYONE!!! I have been on the cleaning train. Tonight my niece is coming over to have a sleep over and then tomorrow Trevor and I are going to spoil her. I am so excited!

So this week I have been rereading some of my all time favorite books. So today you get to have TWO book reviews... I am so excited to reveal these two books. 

by Lori Wick

Have you ever bought a book based on solely on its size? Picked it up because it was so thick that you thought it might last you a while, and maybe because the plot sounded a bit interesting? For me it was because I liked that the book was thick! It lasted me two days! I couldn't put it down.

There are three main characters. Marrell, Mackenzie Rose, and Delancey Joy. 

Marrell Bishop:
Marrell is the mother of Mackenzie Rose and Delancey Joy, She was an Army wife who was married to Paul, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. However, when he dies in a car accident her entire perfect life is turned upside down. She must get a job and provide for her daughters, while coming to terms with a God that she's only starting to know, that let her heart be broken by letting her husband die. 

Mackenzie Rose: 
The oldest daughter, "Micki" is the more introverted of the two, the more complacent and less likely to fight back. She joins the army, following in the footsteps of her father for a while, but finds she is good at writing.

Delancey Joy:
"DJ" is a little younger than Micki but as sisters go, they fight less than most and get along in general. She's the more "popular" of the two, more extroverted and a bit wilder. She is also a gifted artist and, after trying to join the army, finds herself attending art schools to develop her talent.

This novel follows the lives of the Bishop family and the people the come across. Marrell and her husband Paul find God soon before Paul's death. Micki and DJ have a hard time accepting a God  that would let them down and as a result, stay far away. But no mater how far they may stray, they have their mother constantly praying for them.

This story is basically about people's quests for God. This novel is also about family and how some bonds last throughout the years and the different ordeals. 

Well, I can honestly say I could NOT put this book down! I was drawn in to the lives of these people... the Bishop family from the start has  this beautiful relationship that I wish my family had. Wick uses a great amount of details in every scene- painting a clear picture in my mind so that I could imagine each character, their actions, and their thoughts. Also, their lives are really interesting and I found myself drawn in, I like I get when I watch one of my shows. DJ and Micki travel the world at times, they write/illustrate books and meet fantastic people. At every corner there is something new going on, something that kept me captivated and made me want to read more.

Now for the second book. This one is also written by Lori Wick. (She writes some pretty awesome books). And here it is ladies and gentlemen.... 
The Princess
by Lori Wick

The Princess can be described as a modern-day fairy tale for adults. The novel tells the story of Nikolai, a prince the fictitious country of Pendaran, and Shelby, a regular girl chosen to be his wide. Nikolai is a widower who must marry again because the custom of the land  requires that the prince is married by a certain age. Although he still loves his first wife and grieves over her, Nikolai agrees to follow the tradition and marry again. Shelby Parker is a beautiful girl by Nikolai, be he is not ready to love her yet. 
Shelby understands that and she is prepared to wait and give him time. Their marriage starts like a friendship, with separate bedrooms and no intimacy. Slowly, the two strangers get to know and understand each other and eventually fall in love. 

This novel makes me wish I was a princess and what kind of a princess I would be. 

I give both these books 5 ★★★★★

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